Never Leave Her

My story is based on my love. i love her since 2007 and this is the one sided love at yet. I never express my feeling due to my shy nature. But last year i put my all shyness on one side at express my feeling through SMS. I was thinking that their is a possibility of two replies May be she also love me or May be She will spoil my feelings. i was in an uncertain situation whole day because she didnt reply me. Next day her reply was little bit heart broken. she told me that My expression of love was not good, she was also blaming me that every boy is same in nature and doesnt think what he is doing. I was ashamed inside that i didnt did good. But her last sentence gave me a relief she said in last sentence that She depends on her Parents, whatever her parents will decide become his will also.
From now i was waiting, one day she will also love me .

razishadab razishadab
26-30, M
2 Responses May 24, 2012

Bhai rishtaa bhaijjj do isss say pehlay koi laaay jaayay....mayray sath hua tha ;)

Bhai rishta bhej diya and Bat pakki bi hogaey ;) Sad yar tumne nahi bheja tha rishta kiya ?

She may go along with what her parents decide, but no one can force her to love you. That has to come from within her heart and soul, and I don't hear that in your story.

And I just want to tell yo u that Her parents are agree :)
I Am very happy and in fact i should be.