Not Because I Don't Want To

I will never go to a high school reunion, not because I don't want to but because I wouldn't know where to go. I lived in a midwestern state growing up and attended two high schools in my hometown. Due to an ex-boyfriend harrasing me I had to switch mid sophomore year.

My junior year my dad decided to move to California and I went with him. I started my 3rd high school mid junior year.

I made friends in all three schools, and enjoyed all three schools but never felt connected with anyone there to make it worth my time to go to a high school reunion at any of them. Not to mention that my senior year I was so behind in credits due to differences in graduation requirements between states that even if I didn't end up pregnant at 17 I doubt if I would have graduated on time anyway.

It seemed much easier to just get my GED. I wish that my high school experiences would have been different, I wish that I could look back at those experiences both good and bad and know that regardless of how it went I actually belonged even if the only way that I belonged is that I didn't belong.
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I can relate to that.

Year 9 and 10 for me were in a French speaking school in Switzerland.

First six months of year 11 in a British school in Hong Kong.

Followed by 18 months in an American boarding school in the Phillippines.

At the start of my senior year the Vice Principal told me that if I wanted to graduate I had to do 9th grade and 10th grade English......on top of year 12 And Honours English that I qualified for.

I had no time to relax that year.....I ran from class room to class room. Collapsing each night at 11pm exhausted.