Lamb Chops And Salmon Steaks....

 two of my favorite meats. I could never go back to a vegetarian diet and certainly not a vegan diet. It is a very unnatural and even unhealthy way to eat for most people. I don't care what some vegans say or think about the "evils" of eating meat. I love my lamb, mutton and fish.


Not only do vegans refuse to eat meat and other animal products such as eggs and dairy, they don't use leather, silk,  cosmetics and soaps that have animal products as well. I could care less if the stearic acid in my lipstick comes from beef fat. And some animal fats and oils make wonderful skin and hair conditioners, lanolin, mink oil, squalene, (shark-liver oil).

So no way, I wont go vegan, if some enjoy this lifestyle, fine, but leave the rest of us who eat meat, wear leather and use other animal products out of it!
sneakyfox sneakyfox
41-45, F
May 16, 2012