I Will Always Love You

I can't really hate you. No matter what you do and how much you hurt me, I still feel the urge to protect you and love you forever. I just can't do anything to stop myself from loving you. I'm finding out that's impossible to do. I'll just try to be happy for you.
Never forget that I loved you more than you could have ever imagined. Words, even actions, were insufficient to show you my love for you.
your indifference is killing me. It wouldn't hurt if you bothered to be at least nice to me. I have never hurt you but you do it all the time lately. And I know you don't mean it.I know you're good because I truly loved you and still you hurt me in a million ways.
Love is a two-way street, otherwise it isn't love." Because I'm all alone here now it is infinite one-way street. And I know what I feel. But let me tell you....
youngmoon youngmoon
31-35, M
Jul 26, 2012