Most people fear the profound gravity of this statement, "I Will Never Have a Partner Or Kids" they shy away from it. If I read this membership correctly, I'm the only member. Statement self explanatory. The words echo in my ears because friends/family encourage those of us who dare to state this bone shattering out loud, 'don't be dramatic, or why would this happen to you, you're fine'. Not all of us our fine, someone has to be alone, why not you...scary huh? I live this reality everyday.

Once I l left college, nothing. Followed expert advice: joined social, political, professional groups, connected w/ friends that were single and people they knew...nothing. Bar, gym scene, no not the religion. God couldn't't keep a straight face on an a BS attempt of attending church, converting to Judaism or Islam or Budd ah.

No one.

Last year I read a book by a noted psychologist on personalities. My personality profile is INTJ. If I remember correctly, that approximates 3-5% of the American population. Additionally, another personality profile categorizes me into polar spheres of mating & love. I'M AN EMBODIMENT OF CONTRADICTION! Who could live, forget about love that?!

Taking a test is flaky, but doubt falls away when you take the test several times, same results. Hopefulness doesn't't bode well.

Only in the past 6 months have I resolved myself...I give, but that's after 20 + yrs of rejection and failure by the opposite sex. I stay in, keep to myself and shun social contact...

I don't get what I do wrong.. too tired & old to care now.

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I tell my friends and family all the time that I'll never have a significant other or children, and everytime they tell me "no no someone is out there for you" and I just think, I can't even love myself so who would want to love me. Idk I guess I'm just saying you're not alone

I did create profiles on different sites but when interested prospects requested a picture, it bothered me. A fair and reasonable requests, but I was uncomfortable, so I declined or just said no...<br />
I appreciate your suggestion, but it makes me realize if I truly desired companionship, nothing would deter me; I guess I take greater comfort in my fear & loneliness than to chance happiness or hurt.<br />
<br />
Hearing so many stories or rumors on internet dating, it is nice to know there are real successes and not a commercial selling hopes.

Have you tried internet dating? It's amazing how many people use it and how many find their partners. Two good friends of mine are married to women they met online.