I Have Put My Foot Down....

I am a 32 year old man, and when I was 26 years old I had a vasectomy to ensure that I will NEVER be stricken down by the curse of KIDS. At the time my reasons were pretty much typical. I didn't want to interrupt my life, waste my money, and give up my freedom. I also didn't (and still don't) see a woman staying with me long enough to raise the damn thing. I find children to be sticky, stinky, loud, arrogant, little jerks. I also find a large percentage of parents to be the same way but that's for another day! hahaha I am one of a VERY few people that I know or have ever met that feels this way. As a matter of fact I am regularly bombarded with judgement and "wisdom" from people who know me better than I know myself apparently. (usually people who have kids) Truthfully there is literally never a day that goes by that I don't feel like a genius for having myself sterilized, even now 6 years later. My #1 reason however has morphed into a feeling of social responsibility and sacrifice. I don't want to introduce another person to the planet. We are so globally overpopulated already that ANY person that doesn't procreate is a blessing. Really, do we need any more lifetimes of consumption and waste production? Absolutely not. And all just so people can "pass their name on"!! HA yeah right! They are afraid to die alone (in a home that their wonderful children will put them in no doubt!)

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Well this is becoming counter productive sooooo......I'm just gonna move on. Thanks for the comments, this has been fun. Later dc165.

Pay no attention to the breeder brains and their group think. They squash any life decision they didn't even consider or were too dense to explore. You've made a brilliant decision. Earth will become so overpopulated with parasitic humans soon and will surely shed them like the viruses we are. Keep on keeping on. Those judging you are just jealous that they're stuck for most of their mediocre lives.

A parent I'm assuming.

I definitely agree with staying childless. You have a lot of free time and aren't burdened with responsibility of raising a kid. Good choice man!

you made a wise choice for you