ok, pull a log up to the campfire....

it was a misty gray morning in Michigan, 11 years ago, when I went into work..... I walked in and saw a handsome man talking to one of my employees....

fast forward, I am his wife. I have his child. He was going to go to jail because he owed the IRS so much money, but I paid all of that for him. He was going to be homeless because his house was in forclosure, but of course, I paid all that for him. he couldn't keep any jobs, and kept losing them within months, but I worked steady.

fast forward, 10 years after we met... and he hasn't touched me sexually in almost 5 years! he doesn't talk to me. he isn't intimate. but he doesn't want a divorce.. he wants to live in this desert empty marriage. but I cant, so I file.

Before I leave him, I pay off all of his credit cards, and all of our joint credit cards with my own money.

I move 1400 miles away.

He is ordered to pay a lot (600) in child support. Months after that order, he calls crying because its too much, and I tell him to knock off 200 a month to make it easier on himself.

he calls in June and wishes he could afford to see his daughter.. I pay for his plane ticket, his shuttle, his lodging, and he is able to take her to the zoo and stuff for her birthday.

I never asked him for anything..

fast forward a few more months to this month: My school where I want to get my masters degree requires an income. It doesn't matter how much you have in the bank, they want an income to give you a graduate loan. so I need a cosigner.

I ask him to cosign because he is the only person I know that kind of owes me a lot, and I thought he would know that I would pay it and hed never even have to worry about it,..

but he refuses!! seriously.. REFUSES to co sign, possibly risking my entire future, because he is scared to 'be liable for the loan'... (even though I've always been the ONE who was financially responsible).

This is why you should never be nice and caring to anyone, because the moment you are in need, they turn their backs to you. This is not uncommon. never help anyone unless they are paying you for your services. I have learned my lesson well.
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Update: The Creator came through again and the loan was approved without the need for a cosigner. Also my ex apologized and said he would do it after all. So everything worked itself out anyways.

What an *** (him). Cut him off completely and be well and truly shot of the bastard. Best of hopes for you to find another way into your studies.