I Won't Lie to You.

I will always be as honest as possible. Why would anyone lie online?
I have known people and have a friend now who seems to lie every time he opens his mouth. I don't understand this behavior. I never put any stock in anything he says.

I have a real problem with lying and being lied too. So as long as I am on this site, if I write it, it is what I feel to be true. I may not always be right but that is different from lying.

Anyway these are my thoughts on this subject.
BlueGeorgia BlueGeorgia
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findinme, You could be confusing to a normal human being.

Did someone say B.S? I have a B.S, also a M.S (more ***t) and also a PHD (piled higher deeper). <br />
Just lying about the last one though :-<br />
Oh....but I don't lie on here...no no no<br />
Just a little white fib

Friend being defined as what?

Soooooo....if you have a friend but you know he always lies to you, I have to ask why is he your friend?<br />
Just curious.

B.S. makes the world go round. Nothing would grow without it.

I not only smell it, I need waders to get through it!!!

Does anyone else smell BS in here?

Yes, I hate being lied to, also. I mean, why lie on EP? If there's any place where you can be your open and honest self, it's here!

I don't hear that tone. Her tone just sounds female to me.

I think Bill did it by inhaling. lmao

It is Bill that has to get past her looks. lol

I thought we had gotten beyond judging a woman by her looks but I guess not. Really. Men don't even hesitate to say things like that.

yeah A lot of men respond to her in that way. It makes me sad

Come on, she's a doll. But she's loyal to her hubby, Winne. And how!

Everyone has a good day now and again. lol

http://www.hillaryclinton.com/news/officialheadshot/<br />
Go there and see how pretty she is.

*strapping up*

Hey. Them's fighting words. Put up your dukes there, Blue. Here I come.

There is a Viagra overdose kit out ya know?<br />
It is a picture of Hilliary Clinton

I hate to be lied to also. What I don't mind? Someone who is an honest BS artist. You know the kind. Everything is said with a wink and a nudge. After a while you start to admire the creativity of it all.

We connect and agree storm000, Thanks for the comment

Well the ability to be anyone you want to be online and the fact that a lot of people want to be someone they are not contribute to the lies online. I guess I can understand it in some sense from that view point. Your right about it being insecurity problems/issues.<br />
<br />
I guess it is like anywhere else though. You have to earn trust, Online that is hard to do, but there are some here with whom I trust. TY for your comment Datura

Hi, Bluegeorgia....not to interrupt the levity, but I also have a real problem with being lied to, yet so many people do it just so matter-of-factly. Even about silly stuff that it would be just as easy to tell the truth about.<br />
<br />
People who would be dishonest online are probably very insecure or unhappy about their lives.

That was a different frog. lol

I swore an a dead frog not to tell. Sorry.

She was a pretty thing. lol

Me too. of course I don't tell anyone about my friend and the goat. But I am pretty open otherwise...

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