Have You Ever Been Treated Like Dirt I Have By People Who Are Supposed To Be A Role Model

i have been treated mean by my dad, my grandmother (she disowned me) my 3rd grade homeroom teacher my 4th grade english teacher and others  too it is ridiculous i wonder if they think i have be mean to me stamped on my forehead
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3 Responses May 21, 2012

Just because someone is your elder does not make them a role model. It's too bad we didn't know the rules when we were young enough to be so influenced by them.

Hey there, I've been there too...I was mistreated by bullies in school, abused by my older sister's father, abandoned by my father, and most of my relatives. Screwed over by countless friends, and in November I was molested by an old man while I was drunk and couldn't fight him off, but I'm still here and strong. The important thing is to count the people who love you and to never let them go.

My stepfather hated and treated me like **** along with being bullied all throughout middle and high school.