Is It Possible to Be Completely Honest On Ep?

I had this weird thought. Feel free to take it down in a ball of flames.

As soon as you start interacting with people that you like on EP it is impossible to be bluntly, openly honest. At some point your concern about how the other person will see you will have an impact on the answers you give, the stories that you like and even the groups that you join.

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Well I say none of us are perfect. Enjoy who you are. It is contagious. I am curious about who you really are...truely are. You seem to have a good grasp of our changing moods and need to know you will be accepted for who you are. Bravo.

EP is all about being able to express yourself honestly without the fear of ridicule. Everyone has their own likes and dislikes. Those of us that befriend you obviously like you as you are. If someone doesn't like what you say, how you think, or how you act, then you wouldn't want them in your circle of friends anyway, would you? Be yourself always. The ones that admire you and maybe even grow to love you, will do so for the real you.

I am always honest but sometimes...I do think that your honesty can only go so far...until it's reached a breaking point...

i am totally honest on EP and i am not judgmental of others therefor do not expect others to judge me, if they do so be it i do not care for false friends. i am open and honest and yes i do have faults, and am far from perfect but i am who i am. i am bisexual and thorougholy enjoy giving oral to both genders i have been kept as a slave, and kept in chastity for over 12 years where my only sex allowed was performing orally, and i must say i got damn good at what i did. i have been involved in three different long term ANR relationships and i love suckling and breastmilk also the bonding that occurs. i also enjoy BDSM and the pain i receive from being whipped caned etc. i love servitude and receive great saticsfaction from serving a Superior Dominate Female as Her slave, many have no idea what servitude or being a slave is and or involves. i love myself and i love life & living it to the fullest. i have pleanty of friends but only a handful of very true friends and one does not make it onto that list very easily those that do know who they are and are loved and respected, false or dishonest people do not even remain as general friends to me. i am varried in my interests and in no way expect a friend to like all of my likes and or fetishes and might only have one like in common but can understand we are all indeviduals with many differences but may still be true honest friends.

I think it is easier to be honest with total strangers than with most people you know. I have not felt judged since I have been here.

You are so right. At least that is how you are if you have any consideration for the people you are in touch with. There are those on here who come on for no other reason than to be nasty. Those, get blocked. I try not to be negative with anyone. If I have nothing positive to say, I simply move on to something else. Nobody needs my negativity. There is plenty of that going on. I refuse to add to it. I like people and just want to get along.

***That's a very interesting concept. Most people are more prone to be unafraid of others and their opinions when it comes to online sites, chat rooms, etc. It gives people a sense of anonymity and thus creating less fear of being judged. People actually say more than they normally would online than in person. <br />
<br />
I say who cares? People should like you for you. If you say something that someone might find awkward or offensive then you should question whether you had that much in common with them in the first place. Everyone has weird and suggestive thoughts and personalities whether they want to admit it or not. You'd probably be surprised at how many are thinking the same thing but are just too afraid to say it. Besides, some people are just better at playing the role of "sheep" than they are at being an individual. You should believe in who you are and what you have to say. If you are, that will attract people to you instead. ( :

Yes. I am comfortable with being bluntly honest. I hate lying. The only time I wouldn't be entirely honest about how I feel about something is if the subject matter was sensitive and what I said had the possibility of deeply hurting someone.

Listen All of you.<br />
Why are we here to share and be there for each other right. There is no such thing as to honest or blunt or whatever. We all have our **** thats what makes us human and interesting right. Remember no one has to like what you say, hey I dont always like what I have to say but you know what I say it anyhow, Thats EP. got it. Dont be shy, beleive me I guarantee that you are not the only one that says or feels like you do. If you have a problem well you let me know I will have your back. OK

I completely agree with the comments up top. I use EP as a place to vent, and there are times when I stop myself because I know some of my friends on here might think I'm "too whiny" or that my problems are inconsequential. Even though I'm sure they won't judge me as harshly as I expect, knowing that they may read my comments tends to make me censor myself.

Ever since I joined EP in late February, I haven't had any problems being who I am with my EP friends, with the groups I created or even joined. EP is supposed to be about me or the people that do decide to join. People join for whatever reasons, they don't have to be honest. I joined and I'm brutally honest about everything I can think of, I have nothing to hide. The people in my circle seem to 'get' me and who I am. It shouldn't matter what all EP members think, it should matter what you and the members of your circle think. Sometimes I'd worry about things being seen in a less than positive light but I do it anyway because it is who I am, so just go with that -- who you are and no one else.

Thank for all the comments :) I am not saying that I have to be blunt or rude in order to be myself firetech! Grr. I just think that once you value someone's opinion in here there may be things that you hold back for fear of being seen in a less positive light. EP is about opening up and being totally honest but similarly others are free to react as openly to what you have to say and seeing others get attacked on occasion does mean that I double check my contributions, just in case.

I think you have a very valid point. It's human nature to want people to think the very best of us. As soon as you have people and friend's opinions of you to consider, your commitment to complete honesty comes under harsher focus from yourself... if I divulge this, what will my Ep friends think of me? As much as people believe they will always be honest here no matter what, at least in some small part they will be self-editing to try and project the best view of themselves, and in that act 100% honesty is lost. <br />
I'm trying to bite the bullet when I write stories and be honest even if it makes me sound bad. This is the one place I have to be honest about things that are very hidden in my public life and I don't want my ego to betray me. But it's hard, much harder than people let on.<br />
Sugarburn :)

I disagree Wyld. Not that it's easy to be completely honest with people in a forum like this, or while interacting one on one through mail, but for me to succumb to the notion that one cannot be honest for fear of not being accepted would ruin the experience, for me at least. This is a place where honestly should thrive rather than cower to the arbitrary constraints and limitations of another's expectations.

But isn't this true of life. Is this not the whole purpose of manners and civility, which does not mean you can't be honest. But are you saying you don't believe you can be yourself without being rudely blunt? I am curious as to why not.

As in 'I don't want someone to think I'm weird or perv or insane because I joined this group and they can see it on my profile or activity.' I think you have an excellent point.