I only have eyes for her. I love her and only her. And I lost her :'( no I don't want to move on. No I don't want to let go. And no I will never love again. I'm not attracted to any other girl. I'm not even interested in any but her. Losing her has broken me, traumatised me, devastated and destroyed me :'( my heart will not heal :'( it will not love. It will not recover from this blow :'( I lost all that I've ever loved :'( I'd rather be alone for the rest of my life than love anyone else. She's is my everything. And there will never be anyone who will change that :'( never :'( the void will not be filled no matter what come may way :'(
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August 17, that's a funny date, that's the birthday of a girl I used to feel like that about. She left me, I cheated then she cheated and left. I was so heartbroken bro. Between me and you I attempted suicide twice. Once with a gun, (it was jammed) second with pills, (just ended up looking dumb in the hospital) But I know exactly how you feel. No one compares. Funny thing is that girl left me almost 10 years ago and I got over her a long time ago, but it has left me so bitter. I know I can not handle a healthy relationship. But 2 years ago I fell in love with another girl. I think I was trying to re-live the first love. Either way the feeling wasn't mutual because I kept ******* up, and I ended up quitting my 16.50 an hour just to get away from her. I made some stupid *** decisions but this by far was the stupidest. I cant say it will get better because I don't know. But just don't let the bitterness consume you. If I wasn't such a hateful bitter individual maybe things would have been different between me and the 2nd love. Good luck bro. Dont end up like me. I'm almost 30 and lonely as hell. I don't even speak to women much anymore, feels like I'm not good enough, so I lash out at them before they can get to me. It's turned me to an *******. Lonely bitter *******

is it possible to meet up with her?