Diapers Are A Priority

I have been in a very long search for a mate that feels the same as I do when it comes to diapers. There is nothing evil about wearing diapers and there is NOTHING that is more important to me than a mutual understanding about this kind of lifestyle. How success in life is measured is an extremely broad brush stroke. A well paying job that supports those who are dependent on whatever income is necessary to live life comfortably is the main goal for most families. So it is with me. Too add a budget for diapers is not unlike creating a budget for other household items. Diapers are a needed item for me, and to have compatibility there should also be a need or very strong desire to share the need. It's a wide chasm to forge when looking for my solution. Diapers are seen as a sickness when mentioned in conjunction with an adult. Diapers are nothing more than a bit of clothing. Something to put on before my pants go on. Diapers are a means to keep laundry to a minimal chore. I also find diapers to be very sexy when worn by a woman who can wear one well and with pride. Human attraction is key in marriage because without that " Something" there is no reason for a continued partnership. That's why divorce lawyers are living the fine life. Marriage doesn't work without compatibility and lawyers count on that fact to keep them in next year's model BMW. So any woman that can cozy up to me, uninhibited in her own diapers, is of much more value than the most valued gems in the world. With soul to soul melding of all that is human bonding I will feel how life is intended to be. Diapers will be wanted and never regarded as a passing fetish. I feel strongly about diapers taking a top priority on my list of what makes love, lovely.
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I think you have a very good perspective on the adult diaper issue and respect your input on my comments. I love being in my diapers and just wish there were more women that had your life experiences so they could see some value in a man who needs diapers.

I agree with you completely although my experience is from another angle as I'm happily married to a DL and I have taken the mommy role. It's my second marriage and we have been together for 11 years now and having nappies as part of our relationship make it extra special. Over time I have figured out that my connection to nappies comes from my experiences growing up. I was the oldest daughter is a family of 6 kids and my parents both worked long hours. I developed in the 'mum' figure for my brothers and sisters and really enjoyed the feeling of control it gave me.<br />
Jamie on the other was a bed wetter and wore nappies until he was around 12. He beacme quite introverted because of this I think and was always a real mummies boy - I like this and together we have the perfect lifestyle ..... for us anyway.