I Hate Games....

I hate games. I don't Like to Play games, and I don't like being played like in a game. I am not up for it, and its just not my style. I will NEVER play someone on Ep, or even off Ep. I am not up for games, or hurting someone, or misleading myself. I will be honest, and true, but most of all, I will be real, and above all else, I will be me.

When I 1st came to EP, i was scared to be me, scared I would not be accepted for who I was, but now, I am at the point that, if people can't accept me, for me, well than really its their loss not mine. I will never intentionally hurt anyone, and I will never Play anyone on Ep.  I have always been bad at playing games, and would always lose anyways, so I will not even bother playing the game.

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2 Responses Jul 12, 2010

Yep..that kind of behavior consistantly has the same results. Bad and horrible.

i like the new way you signed this.