Not Me, Not Ever, What I Say To Quitting.

What can I say, I just love smoking. I didn't start from peer pressure, I've just always wanted to be a smoker, and when I tried it, I fell in love. Here's the things I love about it:
1) The nicotine. It feels so good, and makes sure you stay dedicated to the habit. Dedication is a good thing.
2) The addiction. It discourages you from quitting, and the more you smoke, the stronger the addiction. Besides, nothing's better than having a smoke after going hours without one.
3) They're always there for you, even your closest friends can't be with you 24/7. Cigarettes in a way can become your best friend, they'll be there when life turns sour, and they make the best moments turn glowing.
4) It's beautiful. The way the smoke dances around, there really you can compare it to.
5) It provides warmth, let's say you're going for a walk, but it's a little chilly out. Just light up, and inhale - you'll feel warmer in no time.
6) Believe it or not, I don't want to live to be an old lady. While smoking may make me age faster, I know that when I die I won't look like a 90 year old... Besides, I especially don't want to become senile.
7) I find it attractive for quite a few reasons. It shows that you really don't care what the rest of society thinks of you. It shows that you choose pleasure over longevity, and when I see another pretty girl light up... well, that's just hot IMO.
8) You always have something to do. If I'm bored out of my mind, I can just light up, and enjoy.
9) Honestly, back in middle and highschool I did a lot of hard drugs, it just wouldn't feel right for me not to have an addiction.
10) If you have a job, a smoke break is always nice.
11) There's something about the dangers of smoking that just draws me to it, if they weren't bad for you, I don't know if I'd care for it.
12) It's a good way to start a conversation, and for someone like me who's trying to get over their social phobia, it makes me more comfortable when I'm talking to someone that have something in common with me.

The one bad thing about smoking, in my opinion: The price, they're 10 dollars a pack here, and because of that I don't have the money to smoke as much as I want. One day though, when I have the money, I'll surely be a chain smoker.

I'm no quitter (aside from all of the drugs that I quit, that is) so you can expect me to die with a cigarette between my lips.
SmokeyAlyssa SmokeyAlyssa
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4 it is very beautiful! 1 nicotine! 7 very attractive-bad girl. 11 danger! 12 love to start a conversation with you!

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Smoking is SO awesome alyssa :o)

Hey, to each his/her own! I quit to save my life. I understand why people love to smoke. I used to, too. But breathing is far better than having a cig. Enjoy!

What i love most about smoking is how it destresses me. What I would miss most about smoking is when I inhale it deep into my lungs, it feels like you are in a whirlwind of pleasure. I can't imagine ever giving them up!!

When I am out in a social setting, all the guys just come right to you!!! I started when I was 11. I had just come home from school and my mom was on the couch smoking one. I aksed her if she knew what she was doing to her lungs. She looked at me and said: Honey, aside from all the negative stuff they tell you, it just relaxes me and helps me to focus on EVERYTHING! You should try one to see if you like it! So, I did, and the rest is history.

So, I tried one and it was and it wasn't bad. From then on, I started to smoke more and more. Not quite a month later, I was smoking 1/2 a pack or so every day. My mom would buy me a carton every other week. When I started high school, I started smoking a pack a day, so she would buy me a carton every week. When I started college, I started smoking about 2 packs per day. That was 35 years ago. Now, I smoke roughly 2 packs per day. Yes, I know my lungs are probably very black, but it's so relaxing and it calms me down. Besides, I run 4 miles a day, and am in great shape. I know that one day, the smoking will catch up with me.

My two girls are 16 and 14, and they smoke too. Alicia (16) started when she was 12, and smokes about a pack a day! Delilah (14) started when she was 11, and smokes 1-1.5 packs per day! They love it! The way I look at it is that it's a personal decision. Everybody is different and if you try to tell them not to do something, that's what they WILL do. I have no regrets!

You may not have any regrets now, but wait till you need oxygen to breath! Just sayin!

I appreciate your honest appraisal of smoking. I am very glad you quit drugs. Do you know I have never smoked Marijauna. I think it dulls your brain. I want your opinion DON

Actually weed does about 1% the damage that one drag of a cigarette does..

I think you are F in looney! I'm an ex smoker and glad I am! Trust me when I say, It is going to KILL you! no doubt in my mind. Besides being a dirty habit, it will KILL you! It ruins your teeth, stains your fingers, and makes you /your clothes, your car, house everything stink! And remember, it will KILL you! Robs you of oxygen, coats your lungs and your throat and it will KILLLLLLL YOU!

Yea, I know! My dad died from smoking, along with all of his 9 brothers and sisters. You think they\'d have gotten a clue earlier on. Hell, it took me 43 years to get off them! I have a little copd, but that\'s about all. Can\'t tell people anything!

I'm not afraid of death, if that's what you're asking.

I'm not eaither, but I'd like to live as long as I can and be healthy too! Hell, I sterted when I was 15 and quit at 43. That's long enough to experience all the danger's!

Though you are right, it will kill me.

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Nice story. I can relate to a lot of your reasons. It is nice to hear from another dedicated smoker who is not afraid of what society says.

I think we should first look at what can result from smoking tobacco. According to CDC, there are people that lost their legs due to smoking. I certainly don't think smoking is worth it. I personally find the nicotine gross,and enjoyed the smoke and holding the cigarette more than anything.

I'm hopelessly addicted to cigarettes but enjoy them so very much I can't imagine at this point being "smoke free". So thanks for sharing, it is nice and encouraging to read a such a sweetly written letter in support for our smoking habit.

Your reasons are bribing. Should I start?

Yes, for sure

So true... I agree to every 12 points!

great reasons to smoke, I think we have more than you think in common! Hit me back.