What's Wrong With A Little Fantasy?

What's life without  a little bit of fantasy? Nothing and when ever I read or write, I always imagine my self as the heroine or hero, depending on the story.  Anyways, my way of living out my fantasies is writing Fan Fiction. I know, to some people it's a rather silly past time but sometimes I just need to blow off steam.  I used to just read FF but one day I got so bored that I decided to write my own and I haven't looked back since then. I guess the only thing that worries me is if a celeb that's actually apart of the fandom I'm writing about reads my fic.  I know I sound totally stupid but the thought of it is mortifying. 

Anyways, sometimes its nice to just escape into another world that isn't your own. I love creating stories and imagining myself apart of them and that's why I intend to write and publish my own novel some day. FF actually inspired me to become  a writer, on the side of course and despite what people say, I thank FF and my imagination for giving me the ability and the tool to create and publish my stories. I love writing fantasy and supernatural fics and adding a flare to fandoms like Sherlock.  I think it's interesting to add a supernatural flare to fandoms like Sherlock, I like seeing how the main characters would deal if they were up against the supernatural/ fantasy world.  
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May 7, 2012