Weed And I

As I start to write my story, and begin to look back over the last seven years its almost shocking that its come to this point. My story is different from many in the sense that I didn't pick up smoking weed in my preteen years or High School years, in fact I was actually "above the influence back then". While my friends and even my girlfriend used to constantly get high around me I just wasn't that interested, back then my first love was playing basketball. At the conclusion of High School I went away to College with ambitions of perusing my hoop dreams. Things went well my freshman year, made a lot of new friends, enjoyed a new city, kept a respectable GPA and worked hard on the court hoping that my Sophomore season would be a good one. The coach the I originally came down to play for fired at the end of the year and replaced. Coach #2 had has own plans when he came in bringing half a new team with him and encouraging a lot of the current roster to transfer. Although I was sad to see some of my friends/Teamates leave I choose to stay . By time summer works outs came around it was apparent I was his whipping boy, and he would ride me every chance he got. By the middle of my sophomore year, I'd had enough the game I once loved had become a chore, I dreaded going to practice, and was basically counting days to the end of the season. I made the decision to quit. I was sad, felt like I failed, and when I took a few hits on that blunt a few days later it seemed to temporarily balance things out. You guys know how the rest goes, it went from smoking at parties, to every weekend to everyday to several times a day. By next year I was going to classes high, I was a lot less social and after getting into a bad run in with the law it was time to come back home. When I did get back home I was on probation and had to pee in cup for about 6 months or so (the longest I've gone without a smoke since i started). I was depressed and remember missing smoking desperately and knew that as soon as I could again I would...and I did. I got into a local University finished up my degrees worked pretty much full time all the while still maintaining my close relationship with Mary Jane. If anyone even tried to suggest that maybe I had a problem or an addiction my response was always "Aren't taking care of everything I should be doing? So whats the harm." After I graduated it was a constant routine of working and getting high when I'm not at work w/ friends or by myself. I still managed a work and in my social life, but I'm at point where I don't want to just "manage" anymore. I know I could have done much more over the last few years if not for the bud, but fortunately I'm still pretty young and want to know what my life can be like without marijuana as an integral part of it. I'd be lying if I told you I'm never going to smoke again, but what I can say is that I'm not going to today and I haven't for nearly 2 weeks now and it does get a bit easier everyday. I appreciate any and everyone that took a the time to read this. I feel writing this down has already given me some more motivation, and I hope if your trying to kick the habit you were able to get something out of my experience too.
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This was a very good read, I enjoy smoking and I understand the point that you were at, and the feeling of wasted time. When you begin doing it as much as you did and it feeling right, it must have been hard to stop. Good luck man and you have strong will.