Love U Eventhough Ur Not Him.

your not my twin flame or the one who is my other half, but remember this. i will always and forever love u. u will bein my heart and in my thoughts for all my life. as years go by i will think of u less, but the feelings i have for  will there still be. it may not be the same but it will still exist. for my friend and lover there will be a place for you in my heart. i will dry your tears and comfort u, but only at a distance. i will hold your hand in mine but only for a moment. i will hug you when u need it but only if no one can see. i will always love u, but ur not ment for me. there is someone out there better matched but one thing u must always know. i will never stop loving you.

but one thing we both know is true. we will find someone who will make us forget for a while and make us happier than we have ever been, but we will look bacj to happy days in our younger years and find that our love will still be alive. it would never be enough if we were to stay together to survive, and in the end the pain would be worse than it is now. you may not want to hear it... i love u. as far as forever goes.

DarkAmber DarkAmber
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yes, i cant wait for that day in my life, to sit back and view it all and realize that no matter how bad at the time it always turns out for the better.

It describes how a break up feels when the feelings are good. When the strom swells those words crash against the vessel and create pain. It takes months if not years to understand the gift that you describe, even if it were known in the beginning. It is at the point where all blame and self-laothing have finally gone away and one can sit back and say: Yes I remember that day, it was nice.

a gift some would rather never have. its funny, the ones who dont want it always seem too.