A Close Call

It was New Year's Eve, 2008. My boyfriend (Michael), a couple of his mates and I were making our way from one party to the next. My boyfriend was driving, I was in the passenger seat and his mates were in the back. His mates were being their usual selves, joking around, slapping each other, chanting. I was busy looking at the diamond ring that Michael had given me a week earlier, for Christmas. I looked up at him, he had a huge grin on his face, one I'd never seen before. It was cheeky, mischievous; not my usual Michael. My eyes darted to the speedometer; 110km/hr, in an 80km/hr zone! A huge wave of panic washed through my body as Michael indicated right, and pulled out to overtake the car in front of us. I screamed "MICHAEL!" as an approaching car came into view. It would have only been 20, maybe 25 metres in front of us. I clenched my fists, locked my jaw and looked away, Michael's friends clung to the back of our seat, still chanting and laughing. I could feel the car getting faster and faster. I looked up to see us merging back into the left lane, only missing the oncoming car by centimetres. My heart was racing, my mind spinning. Michael put a hand on my knee and with a smile, said "I knew we would make it".
rachael89 rachael89
18-21, F
Jul 19, 2010