Spider Man's Just A Guy In A Mask

"Amy's leaving... I feel like my world's ending."

I remember when you said that. I remember, going to Paige's for the first time. It was the first time that I had ever really felt included. Really felt loved. Needed. Wanted. Missed.

It was the first time I had ever been genuinely happy in my life.

We dreamed of so much.. We dreamed of so many things for ourselves. We dreamed of our lives, our loves, our losses. I joined the military for you.. Because you were going to too. I couldn't sit by and let you risk your life for the world, and the nightmares... So many nightmares. You, dying in front of me in the Marines.
I just can't handle that level of pain.

You don't understand how much I love you. You never will and I'll never let you.

So I did it. I got through the worst thing I've ever gone through. Solely for you. When you left early, it killed me. It ripped my soul open. But then I get home, waiting for you to finish too and I find out that you got discharged. I was so upset. But, it wasn't your fault! Then, you told me the truth about what happened and as much as it kills me... I am disappointed. Not in you, no. You have your reasons and the things to do in your life. Just, I'm disappointed to find out that my hero, is just someone in a mask. Not a superhero.
I never thought you'd quit.

I want you to be happy. So happy. But I needed you to know that. I don't know why. It has been eating me up since November.

kissmeimgryffindor kissmeimgryffindor
Dec 7, 2012