A Troll Of A Homophobe

Recently I have had the misfortune to come across a user on here who is spouting vile rubbish about how gay people are worse than animals, pedophiles and rapists (yeah, stupid but said and repeated on their "questions")
The vehemence of these comments have disturbed me.
This person's gender is unknown (says F but reads like M) and changes name regularly. He/she is relatively illiterate, (probably) uneducated and prone to be rude and abusive when challenged so its sort of picking on the afflicted but this person is also clearly confused.
The stories/questions are posted in groups unconnected to gay rights so they are dodging the debate!
A friend and I have been challenging this person but need help.
This link goes to their current story, their questions are on there too.
EP Link
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Sep 7, 2012