Well I wasn't even flying into Heathrow (I flew to Gatwick) or Terminal 5 but they still managed to lose my luggage, again, along with a bunch of other people on my flight. They said I should receive my luggage within 2 days, I haven't yet. The call centre isn't accepting calls, the website is crap so what am I supposed to do?

I have 1 pair of knickers left in my drawer, I have no make up, no hair dryer & no straighteners. Ahhhhh. Thanks for your wonderful service BA!! British Airways = Bloody Awful!!

ASortaFairytale ASortaFairytale
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1 Response Apr 1, 2008

it's the worst when they loose yr luggage. My daughter had that happen and I tried to help from N.Y.<br />
Airline luggage people soooooo not nice. In my experience.