Don't Follow Blindly!!

First of all, let me say that this does not apply to religion alone. Every 'system' around us be it political, Industrial(especially in India).The problem with most people is that we stop learning very early in our lives. We stop questioning certain things and convince ourselves that some things are the way they are or are convinced by others. They may be right, wrong, or may be twisted in many ways. We have got to strengthen our personal judgement. I'm not saying that everything we are told is false.

I'm perfectly fine with people following their religion, on the positive side I think if not for religion we are animals, in fact we are but we get to make a choice through our actions, its necessary. But it has its pros and cons.(What Gods wanted/expects us to be, and what the society has become coz of it).
Just take a look at what all the holy scriptures say.
Be loving, kind, generous, compassionate, grateful,,the list of 'good' innumerable things. If we all just follow these, then there is no place for anger, hate, jealousy, greed,, and the list of 'bad' things is endless.
Then why things are as it is now?.
I'm sure God didn't want that. We don't even know what 'we' are following. So, we need to wake up and start questioning things that we believe in, only then will we get our answers. Personal opinion. But be aware. Realize.
I'm sure everyone is a part of a belief system. If you truly follow it, whatever it may be. I'm sure this world will be the best one cannot even imagine.
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1 Response Nov 22, 2012

Heartiest congratulation for such beliefs. The truth is always beautiful and makes life vibrant and living.

Yes! It does. Thank you.