Taken For Granted..

No, I don't wanna hear about her problems. Why is it that everytime we are together, the first thing you go into is talking about her, and her partner, and her enemies...about the injustices done to HER? Seriously you spend 99% of the conversation on the topic of HER alone. Yet her and her partner do nothing for you! Is it because she happens to be with an Australian 'millionnaire' and director of a big firm? With his financial capacity and capability, what has he ever done for you? I mean, I love her with all my heart, honestly I do. After all, she IS my baby sister. But Mum, can't you ever, appreciate everything my husband and I do for you? Even in our limited financial capacity?

So, you and the rest of this family continue to take me for granted. 'She'll always be around to catch us when we fall. She's our fall-back position...' Never once have I heard a 'thank you darling, thank you for being there for us..'

Well, be very prepared. I'm leaving this place. And you can all learn to stand on your own two feet, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!
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1 Response Dec 13, 2012

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