I Will Never Understand Woman

what woman really want?
good guy/bad guy? no matter what you for them it never good for them.
so for the woman out there can you plz tel us what U WANT ?
nothingtolive4 nothingtolive4
31-35, M
1 Response Dec 16, 2012

Women want honest men. No phony men, no lying men. Be yourself. You do not have to be rich or handsome, just honest, living to please Jesus by showing love and unselfishness. Some men think they are good guys when really they are passive aggressive and secretly selfish, dishonest, untruthful people. Tell the truth from day one. Be humble, with compassion and honesty.

ok i got you .i dont know about other guys but me all i know im honest,i like to take care of my girl,show her ,buy her stuff,be there for here truhful, you name it but i guess its never good for them.no matter what you will do.i even spend 3-4 days taking care of her dad when he was sick.even i spend half day in ER. buy a new car i didnt had car b4 so i can take her home after work.getting her piano 2 month after i met her .teach her drive i even sit in my back of my car so her dad can teach her to(she speak chines .her english its not so good) this why i let him to teach her.even one day she want my car so her dad can drive it to go some where.he didnt want to but i was willing to give and go with a bus to my work.so plz ladies tell me what U REALLY WANT because all i know if i dont know i ask .so here im asking you what is it?