Pooping At The Beach In A Swimsuit

Story is a bit long but lots went on this afternoon,

A couple of weeks ago I was in south florida at the beach, great sunny day but waves were rough so could not get in the water. I had on a very micro swimsuit ( for a guy to be wearing) with a small Rio back ( cross between a bikinni back and a thong) with a very small front pouch that barely contains me. I was there sunnign on the beach and as the sun was going down worked up the urge to go ask the cute lifegard if she knew where the bathrooms were. She had on a lifeguard red onepiece that was quite a bit small for her very athletic build. As I walked up the beach to her guard tower I could see she noticed me and came down from the tower and met me on the beach. I said hello and introduced myself. I commented on the rough water and said it was too bad I could not get in the water as I really need to find the bathroom. She responded, well do you need to pee or poop. Somewhat took me by surpise as a bit bold but I have peed and pooped in the water before and here I was standing in front of the lifeguard in a swimsuit that was now not really containing me. I could see she was a bit excited to. She replied that if its just pee then you could do it right here and with that I noticed a stream of pee coming from her suit. See, she said, its not a problem and no one notices unless they are really staring at you. I took my foot and placed it next to hers that was getting the pee running down it and she said I see you are not bothered by someone peeing on you. Now my leg was getting wet as I started to pee my own suit and she smiled saying see how easy that was. I finished peeing in my suit and asked then what if I needed to poop. She said it was not that much different and if I was still here at her shift end at 6:30 I would get a lesson.

I retured back to my beach chair and had another few hours of sun, yes I peed in the beach chair a few more times. By 6:15 the sun was startting to head low on the horizon and the beach was getting pretty deserted. I got my stuff togehter and walked up to see the lifegard Janet. I still had on just my tiny swimsuit with a tank top. I did not put on my shorts just to see if she was interested. She said, so now you want to know how lifeguards poop when they can leave their station. I could see her then tighten up and she turned her rear towards me and I could see she was poopingin her tight lifeguard suit right there. It was quite hard and well defined through the material. She said it was my turn now. While I had been workiing up to this since I had it in my mind what she was planning I could feel I needed to poop.  I said but my suit is too small to hold it in. She pulled on the tiny triangle for a rear and said well it will have to do and I really like seeing guys who are bold enough to be wearing thong suits. Well I pushed a bit and felt a couple of pieces fill the rear and then a couple more that I could feel exceeded what the suit could handle. She smiled and said I think you are right, that little suit back did not hold it all so we will need to walk back to my place to clean up. Its only a couple of blocks so you don't need to put you shorts on. As we were walking I could feel the suit overstuffed with poop moving and feeling a bit embarrased walking down the street. I said to Janet, see your suit holds it all. She stopped and very casually tensed up and filled a large load in her suit making it very obvious that she was fully loaded too. Does that make you more comfortable now se said and we started walking again. Its only another block. We got to her place and jumped in the shower and cleaned the poop up and showered togehter. We were both fully shaved with no pube hairs so cleanup was easy too. She threw the poopy swimsuits in the washer. I said I only had beach shorts to wear and if we were to go for dinner and drinks I would need to go back to my hotel and change. She offered her jeans for me to wear as  she was about a size 9 and I take a 32. I was looking through her closet with her and spotted a pair of really low rise black jeans. She offered me those and said go try them on. Nice tight fit she said and they show off your butt well. Kiddingly I said would you mind if they got peed and pooped in. She replied, not at all as I have done it in them many times. She gave me a tank top t-shirt and she got dressed in an equally tight jeans. We headed off to a favorite Cuban resturant for drinks and dinner. After we had a few rum and cokes we were really feeling good and exchanged stories of how we got into feeling free enough to pee and poop in our cloths. I told her my first experience was with a college girlfriend who had a really weak bladder and would pee her jeans when tickled. I played along and found how good it felt. As we finished dinner we headed to a club that was packed. As we got to a table and ordered drinks I said to her - I hear the toilets are broken. She replied, I dont need to go now as I just went. I reached down and felt her soaked jeans. I started to pee mine right there too. We ordered more drinks and danced, never using the toilet to pee the entire night. Just before we were getting ready to leave at 2am, I said I had a bit of a surprise for her and placed her hand on my jeans butt which was loaded with poop. She smiled and said see you took my advice and by the way mine are also pooped too.  She said she had any early morning planned and would I be at the beach tomorrow to bring her jeans back. No problem, I said if you can bring my swimsuit back too. We parted for the night and on the way home I peed and got a bit more poop into those tight jeans. 

I was at the beach on Sunday ( the next day) and she was there in her lifeguard suit and brough me my swimsuit which I changed into behind the guard tower. I brought her jeans back in a bag, appologizing they were not cleaned. She said I am glad you did not clean them as I wanted to.

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Jul 10, 2010