Peed And Pooped My Jeans Shorts

Yesterday while recounting my story of pooping my swimsuit a few weeks ago I did it again, this time in my jeans shorts. As I was writing the story yesterday I had on a pair of tight fitting jeans shorts and had already wet them with pee quite a bit - which is typical - i never have on a pair of jeans that does not get a bit pee wet. 

I am staying with a friend this weekend in Chicago downtown about 6 blocks or so from the lakefront where I like to ride my bike. I had a good sized breakfast and lots of coffee so I figured it was going to be a typical bike ride - ride to the lakefront and pee my shorts on the way there and back for a few hours. After writing the recount of my story I decided to poop them too. On the ride when I would stop at a street crossing I kept pushing to try and get some poop in the shorts. I was jsut not ready, just ended up peeing them more.

Got to the larkefront and locked up the bike and decided to walk along the beachfront. I kept pushing while walking and after about a 1/2 mile of walking finally I started to push out some poop in my jeans shorts. Some really hard pieces but I was able to do this while walking. As I walkked more I pushed out a few really huge loads and the shorts were now stretched in the butt with poop. I pushed some more and after 15 or so minutes and pretty much emptied myself into the shorts. Feeling a full load was so exciting. I had also totally pissed the shorts emptying my strained blatter and leaving a large wet trail. There were a few people out jogging but no one seemed to notice me and my situation.

I walked back to my bike and stat on the seat which mushed the poop all around.  THe ride home was fabulous with the poop mushing all in the shorts. I got back to my friends condo and he had already left for the day so I jumped in the shower and cleaned myself up as well as washed the shorts. IT was quite a mess after the bike ride.So today I am sitting here in my same jeans shorts all cleaned and ready other than wetting them yesterday after they came out of the washer and dryer.  I have already make a wet spot with pee but no poop today yet. Not sure if I am going to be clean or messy today.

What should I do and where should I do it. I am always open for suggestions.  Weather is nice for the beach today though and will be putitng on my tiny Rio suit and heading to the beach.

poolboi70 poolboi70
36-40, M
Jul 11, 2010