I Like Pooping Elsewhere

I like pooping my pants most of the time, but sometimes I like doing it elsewhere. For example, the top of the toilet seat, on the floor, in a towel, anywhere! It makes it a lot more fun to use the bathroom in different things or places. I actually poop on the toilet than actually in it too....I hover my bottom above the top of the the toliet top and push out the poop! Its alot of fun to listen to the noise. Then, I'll turn around and look at it on the toliet top. I'll use the toliet,only for pooping on.NOT for actually using it for what it was made for.
littlebabyjamie littlebabyjamie
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i love it!


Nice story, I like pooping other places as well. I've done it in the yard a few times too besides the various places in the house.

I enjoy pooping and peeing in strange places as well I love to pee in trash cans in a mens room or poop in the tank behind the toliet a upper deacker!!