I'm Sorry

Throughout my life I have been conditioned to feel guilty about everything. I've also always been told that I'm wrong. Over time I grew to accept that I am just always wrong about everything. Before I've even started I have failed. I tell people that I'm sorry before I can make the mistake because I know I will. When I feel something that others may disagree with I apologize. My sentences often start with "I'm sorry, but..."

Well, I'm taking it back. I'm tired of apologizing for that which I cannot control. I am not sorry.


amsthegreat amsthegreat
22-25, F
5 Responses Feb 14, 2010

Perhaps we are in an age where perfection is valued over love and acceptance. Maybe our parents were not taught the value of acceptance, and projecting love, and even forgiveness, so we have grown up without it ourselves? We much break the cycle, and learn values and how to appreciate others.

Thank you. I suppose it was in my upbringing as well. As a child I always had a lot of anxiety about how others perceived me. Not just friends, but everyone. I felt guilty about everything and never thought I was worth anything. I still struggle with this today, but I'm not really sure how I got to be this way.

Yes, it is conditioned response. From a young age I was always taught to feel guilty. It was my catholic upbringing. I joke about the name of the high school I used to attend, calling it, "Our Lady of Perpetual Guilt" Good to hear your breaking out of that sick type conditioning. All the best to ya!

It is, but I'm working on it. :)

I'm not sure I would call it weak. I think it's a conditioned response. "Sorry" just comes out of my mouth sometimes before I have truly thought about it.