Now I See

I cried and stressed myself over someone who could give a damn. One minute he did the next he wasnt in love with me anymore. I put myself through so much pain and misery for someone. i no longer blame him. Thats who i fell for and that was ignorant. i was his stepping stone for an awful long time.I refuse to cry over him, im done, truly i am. I remeber i use to say the most cruel things and still loved him but i have to grow up now. He doesnt want me now thats fine.SO now he better not want me next month because i am done. Thanks Duffy beautifull song. Stepping Stone

RealLoveIsSoHardToFind RealLoveIsSoHardToFind
18-21, F
2 Responses Feb 17, 2009

Bravo, fine woman...step forward for yourself now.

good for you! that which does not kill us makes us stronger.