Or Your Experiences Are All Sex Here Sex There Sex Like Sex Shared!!!!

Please don't loose your time becoming my fan.  I will never become yours, I will never add you to my circle because I am not interested in sharing sex stories, sex experiences and sex comments.  I am not exhibitionist and do not like having you as my fan.  Now I know how to block someone that wants to be my fan and wants to become part of my circle, and just simple does not FIT!

There are plenty of people willing to be part of your circle.  Go be fan of them!!!!! 

Don't make me loose my time and don't  waist yours,

Please honor me by not  looking for my friendship, I am not interested!  We do not have anything in common.

Good luck.

MyNameIsCecilia MyNameIsCecilia
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3 Responses Jul 15, 2010

i'm in the same boat. just wrote a story yesterday about how i get embarrassed with people talking about sex... i brought this up about the sex profiles and perverts adding me daily and how annoyed this makes me. you have said it probably better than i did, but i feel exactly the same. please do not add me if you are here for sexual or cyber experiences!!!

Do you feel better now?

:)nicely done, well conveyed message, Bravo<br />