A Polarizing Personality

From a very early age, I learned that people either really, really liked me, or just couldn't stand me... apparently, there is no neutral ground when it comes to Celery! 

It used to bug me when I knew people didn't like me. I'd worry about it, and try to figure out what I could do differently to make them like me.

Then one day I realized that the people who didn't like me, were people I wouldn't want hang out with anyway.  It wasn't a case of sour grapes on my part. I just had this epiphany that they were not people I'd choose as friends. 

And the people who liked me were all the most amazing, smart, funny, quirky, silly, crazy ones I would SO choose to be my friends...


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8 Responses Oct 4, 2008

I have a polarizing personality too. Its frustrating for me because I can be warm and friendly then if I start to feel uncomfortable I get quiet and everyone will aks what's wrong and its really annoying at times

Hey!! Here's one now!!!

Hello ladies.

Oh for sure!! Bring on the lovahs!!!

No one needs haters. We could all use some more lovers though. ;)

Well, yay for the lovers, and.... um.... YAY for the haters!! Who needs em anyway!!! LOL

its the same with me they love me or they hate me

That's a free throw for Celery for the epiphany! ;)