I used to get used. People would regularly take advantage of my giving nature. I'm not sure when I changed, or how I became the paragon of self assuredness I am today, but I will say this; I'm not going to apologize for the things I say, any longer. Whaaat? How could I? I'll tell you why. I never say anything to be mean, or hurtful. I don't degrade, or deride. I'm a very caring person. I may say things that are controversial, and not what you may expect. But if you were the examine the words I have carefully chosen, as a catalyst into alternate, and sometimes uncomfortable lines of thought, you gain insight into my own way of thinking. What I usually receive is disdain, contempt and sometimes vitriol-stained name calling. I'm not mean, and I'm not smug. I realize I come across poorly sometimes, but I will always stand up for myself, and I am quite done capitulating to make folks around me feel better at my expense. Go me! I hope you say the same.
MrLaidBack MrLaidBack
36-40, M
Aug 21, 2014