My Neighbor

I just moved in this house 8 months ago and my loving neighbor has been letting there dog go to the bathroom in my front yard. I have tried talking to him and i have call animal control (they gave him a ticket and told him to leash his dogs) nope didn't work to long. i spent 3 full weekends fixing the garden in the front and bought these rose's bush's, man, it looks great. my rose's are dying because there dogs are female and the pee rate by my baby roses. i bought something call a scare crow (its sprays water at the animal and its set of by motion) the dogs stop going on my roses but is still going to my lawn.

i am happy that my roses are going to have a fighting chance but i want him to stop all together. i will not back down till he stops this because is rude and unsightly. like he stands at the end of his lawn with his dogs, my blood boils when i see this because it happens every day and make my dogs go crazy seeing an other dog on there land.

what ever happen to respect the neighbor

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3 Responses May 14, 2009

He sounds like a total idiot. Your poor dogs! and his poor dogs for having such a stupid human!!! Videotape this behavior and call the cops. I am so sorry that you are going through that!

Thank you workerb,<br />
i am going to try and keep calling animal control! <br />
can not have a fense in my front yard saidly but i was thinking of some bush with thorns ...haha

Can you fence off your yard so they can't get to it? The neighbor's kids were always trampling my front yard, we tore out half of the yard and planted a lovely flower bed with lots of real thorny rose bushes. Trust me, they don't come that way anymore - they don't want thorns in their butts. Keep calling animal control until they get sick of it. Good Luck!