The Four Things I Hate Most Are...

Deception, lies drama and conflict

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I see we agree on many thinks 4vr.............smiles<br />
not just usless but those things harm our ability to build a better world.<br />
Every good thing we think or do helps to build the conditions for a more loving world.

Drama is such a waste of effort. Deception and Lies are the same, useless.

Mrswoo and xiaomei both claim to be Chinese.<br />
I don't know... there is drama... I am done if you want to know more look up their names

woo xiaomei? Is it chinese?

I spoke to june by pm to explain.<br />
<br />
Thank you my princess I agree

I'm not sure I understand what's going on here... Aaargh, must've been paying too little attention again! :(

Thank you CK and dasmuggler<br />
<br />
Aqua I'm not sure how to fill in the blank but think you may think of the drama as fun.. your right not my choice

Once again...what once was fun....


Here, here!!