I Will Broaden Myself Every Day

Let us not find value in transient qualities

Let us not idolize material forms

Let us enter the hearts of those around us

So that we may enrich ourselves by enriching the world.


Let us dance despite eyes that glare upon us

Let us not be crippled by the gazes of those who hide their hollow hearts

Let us not bow to the whims of judgment

So that we may share ourselves with those that are open to us.


Let us not be enslaved by the idea that we are victims

Let us not pretend that we have come into a hostile world

Let us not fear those forces which we cannot change

So that we may focus ourselves upon that which we can create.


Let us force no hand

Let us deny no embrace

Let us gather in common union

So that we may acknowledge the brotherhood that is consciousness.


Let us forget that we have undergone unique histories.

Let us find our common identity.

Let us recall that we are not merely humans, but the very idea from which humanity is birthed

So that we may again feel the warmth of the cosmos


In our hearts

Beyond our bodily borders

We belong together: man and all that man has manipulated.

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2 Responses Mar 15, 2010

I like that a whole lot too. Here is my favorite...ready<br />
<br />
The Glorious Minority<br />
<br />
There are people who carry life's burdens,<br />
Their own and some others beside;<br />
There are people that stand in their <br />
places, and who stand there whatever <br />
betide.<br />
<br />
When the kingdom is calling for workers,<br />
or the city is crying for men,<br />
Or some cause is seeking supporters,<br />
these people will answer just then.<br />
<br />
There are two kinds of people--you know them,<br />
as you journey along on life's track---<br />
the people who take your strength from you,<br />
and others who put it all back.<br />
<br />
Ralph Spaulding Cushman<br />
<br />
Gives me the chills.

wow thats beautiful.....i want that on a poster..or greeting card