This Entire Time

in the three months we've known each other and the 6 weeks we were together do you want to know the most striking aspect of it all?

I don't think i've heard you apologize. Even once. all you did was cry and hurl **** at me because of how wrong I was. You say you don't have an ego and it'[s all so clear now but you've got the biggest damn ego i've ever seen.

And they were right about you. When you're mad you just can't help yourself but to respond Like you want ot BREAK the other person like glass. You tell me i'm projecting but heres the thing: If I made your life difficult I'm Sorry and I hope things are well with you

But you... You'll never issue the same to me. Because you have too much damn pride for that.

One day YOU'LL grow up instead of insisting I DO and realize that just because someone isn't right doesn't mean they're wrong and that **** is NOT binary that way.

You tell me i'm the immature one, based on what? That I'm upset enough to write this? But do you know the truth? you're the one that stalks my god damn journals and goes looking for it. (What's the point of blocking you if you find it anyways?) Reads it all and then decries harassment when I didn't even mention you by name. For the record Creating negative groups with my account name is in is a violation of policy!

The only conclusion I can come to is that you'd rather be right than reasonable, happy, or anything else because god forbid their be a crack in that armor

I've never held that your poitn of view was "objectively wrong" just that I disagreed. You however have judged mine that way.

I told you this before the world isn't black and white... and it isn't full of adults and children.. The mature and the immature.

if I write this am I hoping you'll find it and respond to it? not really. I'm venting. Maybe my EP audience will get some insight into the way I think from the conflict and the dissonance and THAT Will be worth it. But you? this fight? it's not.

precisely why I'm writing about it. To get this **** off my mind. It's just when I woke up my mind was lucid abotu this.

if you had any common sense instead of screamign "You were the one at fault! stop blaming me!" you'd admit that it takes two to tango and you had a hand in it as well.

The world isn't black and white but you live like it is.

I don't judge things generally. I SEE them and have FEELINGS about them but I rarely ever say something like this.

and you know you'll say I'm trying to break you like glass but that's just the region of your brain that's trying to form a defense to what i'm saying instead of doing what it should be doing, either backing off or realizing it's mistake. IT's a defense mechanism. It's funny how it's always the ones who are projecting who accuse you of it.

You can hold a mirror to my face, but i'll just hold one right back at you. Unlike you I don't need to Defend my ego because my actions sense you've been gone speak for themselves. I KNOW I'm a good person. I don't have to struggle with my beliefs there. You however will probably split like crazy and feel like you have to defend your ego at all cost but ONLY come up with a pathological defense mechanism like Splitting or Projection

I have a suggestion for you to keep your occupied: Instead of responding, go do something nice for someone unrelated.

as for me I will not go down with this ship. I have better **** to do. Enjoy yourself.

ManifestoOfThePhoenix ManifestoOfThePhoenix
31-35, M
Dec 9, 2012