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I Am A Genuine Person....

If I talk to you and am friendly and kind it is all genuine. I am not a fake person or friend and am proud of this.
I hate fake people and find that there are too many of them around. It makes it hard to know who to trust.
I don't want to become one of those people.
Jenni855 Jenni855 26-30, F 1 Response Jul 1, 2011

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I hate fake people to! I hope I never ever become someone who is fake. I also hate when others go on the assumption you are fake. Almost like your to good to be true, I have had that a lot with girls they seem to think there always has to be another reason why hes nice and caring. If there were less fake people in the world it would be a whole lot nicer place to be.

Yep. I am not fake at ALL. But I am not perfect either, far from it. I am painfully shy, very anxious, odd in my ways, awkward, weak and over sensitive. Just because I am not fake doesn't make me perfect.