My definition of a toxic person is one who purposefully & intentionally attempts to bring me down. As long as I am respected, I welcome everyone into my life =)
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Most people in the city just wants you out of their way.<br />
<br />
We're all just big walking inconveniences to them.<br />
<br />
And most others want to hold authority over you by making you submit.<br />
<br />
Each time you let someone bring you down, or make you cry..<br />
<br />
You GIVE them that authority.<br />
<br />
Never give in!

Mm, good question. I'm not them so I cant speak for them. But when I have my own toxic moments, if its not intentionally directed at a person, its usually because Im feeling out of joint & they happen to be in my line of fire. If it is directed its usually because I have a history with them (ie. we dont get along) or maybe jealousy over something.

I like & agree with your definition of a toxic person but am wondering why toxic people do that to others? Is there a reason.. or is it just because?

It really makes a difference =) Even when toxic people come around, you'll feel more confident to disregard anything negative they may have to say. Plus you'll feel better in every way!