No Place For Them In My Life

I don't understand it when people become toxic towards themselves and to others. I just don't seem a point to it. Eventually no one will want to be around you at all, and chances are tha you'll have burned all your bridges with former friends and acquaintances. When someone becomes toxic or beligerent in my life, I cut them out. I know it sounds harsh, but I give them a warning first, and let them know that their acting like an ***, and if they continue, they're out. In my life I have no time and no place for toxic people.
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2 Responses Jan 19, 2011

I don't know that I've ever had someone become toxic... I think this is a core trait and they either are or they aren't. They can put a gloss over it, but it is there for anyone who looks close enough to see.<br />
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Not sure I've had anyone who has become belligerent either. It's a considerable change in personality to become belligerent.<br />
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There was a young personal assistant at work who a lot of people seemed to really dislike... I'm not sure whether he just had attitude for people he didn't have the time for or whether some people just took him the wrong way. Geez, someone had a swipe at him because they didn't like how he was suddenly pleasant to them... there is no pleasing everyone.<br />
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But as for toxic and habitually belligerent people... I'm afraid I will always try to see a better side to them and may even persist when I know it's probably futile because I know they can be better. But if it at risk of my own mental health, see ya!

Good for you. I recently had to cut a friend of about 5 years out of my life, (& pronto) due to their toxicity... It can feel awful at the time - but ultimately it isn't worth putting up with crap that just zaps your energy.