I've had enough of them thrust upon me in my family and work situations. So I will not let such people through the gates of my personal life.  That would be my own fault, wouldn't it.  I believe in vampires because there are just some people who suck your soul out slowly.  I've seen too many people in my life enter into theses sick codependent relationships.  They leave only to go right back.  Then they ask what's wrong with the other person instead of looking at themselves.  Gandhi said: I refuse to let someone walk through my mind with dirty boots.  I live that motto.
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You just reminded me they exist ... Thanks

You have the mirror image of my very over thoughts! I am now beginning to enjoy my own company, my dog and trust just one thing , the universal energy!

Ain't that the truth. A person don't know how free they are until they get rid of those types.

Once the toxic people are out, you get a chance to know yourself. When in the company of toxic people for a long time, you feel like a projection (of what the toxic person needs and wants) and not a real person. Being around people who have enough of their own energy that they don't have to suck it out of you is uplifting. These are people who earn respect through behaving kindly towards others.

thank you very much for posting this. You have no idea how it has helped me to put things into perspective. At this point i want to pursue my own happiness even though that means i have to forget about the man i love. You see, am inlove with a 'toxic' spouse and have had a 'toxic' job! i hv sacrificed myself daily to make everything work! i now realise, no one is worrying about me, I NEED TO TAKE CARE OF MY SELF,so am letting go of these 2 'toxic' situations. thanks again.

I can relate. My analogy was that I was like a bungee cord for my family. They could go ballistic all around me and somehow I had to hold it together. Not just for me but for them as well. One thing that living with toxic family members taught me was to recognize toxicity in others. It took me time as a young adult to figure out who was healthy to hang out with and who wasn't but living for the first 20 years of my life with toxic people helped me figure it out more quickly.

My mother had been my buffer from toxic relatives - when she died, I had the "joy" of dealing with them myself. After about a month, I pretty much had had arguments with most of them and it's been a long time since we've even had contact. I wish I could say I miss them - I miss the good times but also remember the bad and it's just not worth putting up with all the bad to get a day of good!

thank you so much for your reply its so true! sometimes your family can treat you worse then a stranger.my mother is a very toxic person & i haven't had any contact with her for a while which makes me sad bc no matter what i love my mom but @ the same time i find myself feeling relieved alot that all that negativity is jst gone...its nice to kno im not alone! :)

It's so hard when that toxic person is a parent. Good for you for doing what's best for yourself!

Toxic People ? I ignore them. For one thing, I believe thry're just self-conceited and lacks. I have life that keeps me going. Those people attracts voltures, feeding on the best out of them.

I know exactly what you mean. there are emotional vampires who will suck your will to live right out of you. Purge these people from your life. You will experience peace. no drama.

I guess I just don't have it in me. I see there pain hell I can walk into a room of people and feel their pain. I'm compelled to reach out and try to help. But now that I'm older I do take care of my needs as well and set limits. But I don't have what it takes to walk away if I love a toxic person. They are in pain, and some people need more love than others.

Very well written! I need to really to read this today, thank you!!

wow great read, thanks.

My problem is identifying them. Seems like some people start out okay, but then the ugly head gets raised. Then I know what I have to do. Of the people I know, I give the toxic ones a wide birth. I have a bull **** detector that works well, now need the toxic detector.

Once you show crazy, I'm out

yes steel i agree like chris rock said..... thier representative shows up for the first 90 days after that the real them appears