Human Rights

True ugliness is when you reduce a human being into an object, a stepping stone for your ego.  There are some people who are so tortured, so insecure that they can only feel worthy by putting other people down. I'm sure you've seen a few of those people in here on EP.  At times in my life, I was that person.  I don't remember what shock woke me up to what had become my nature, but I realized, all I ever did was put people down, and spread poison with my tongue.  I wasn't any happier for it.  It's a said existence. I lived in a world of victims and co-conspirators.  I decided to go cold turkey on the hate.  I didn't become an optimist, I think of myself as a realist.  

But I emerged knowing that no one needs another person to constantly chip away at their self esteem.  It's just another form of bullying.  And just like with bullies, if the victim sees the person for the sad pathetic being he is, the man behind the curtain, then he can walk away.  I hope everyone can find, that vision, and find their voice to say no to being abused.  And once free from the abuse, find the strength not to be an abuser.
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<p>Probably the shock of not liking what you had become, an abuser, is what woke you up....or maybe you simply got tired of doing it or maybe it was that people were backing off you because of your being a toxic person that put a damper on things whenever you spoke or came around. Maybe God might have crossed your mind a time or two, and maybe just for a split second you felt sorry about what you have done to people. <br />
<br />
Whatever the reason: Better late than never. And it's good you found the strength and integrity to break the vicious cycle of abusive behavior before it was to late. It takes courage and consistency to put on that "new personality". Also, it takes the help of God and the following of Jesus example to maintain that new way of thinking and life.<br />
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The Bible helps me to maintain self control with my conversation by reflecting on this beautiful verse at Colossians 3:7-9 which says:<br />
<br />
In those very things you, too, once walked when you used to live in them (negative vices). But now really put them all away from you, wrath, anger, abusive speech, obscene talk out of your mouth......... put off the old personality, and clothe yourselves with the new personality, which through accurate knowledge (from God's Word), is being made new according to the image of the One who created it."NWT<br />
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Reflecting on theses verses and more has assisted me in creating and keeping real genuine friends who are upbuilding, encouraging, and always refreshing to be around.</p>

This happened awhile ago, but I'm still a work in progress. But I did get tire of being the black cloud and only have negative things to say.

Good for you holloway64, keep up the good work and do not be discouraged if you have setbacks....The Bible says at Proverbs 24:16: That the righteous one may fall seven times, and he will certainly get up...." In other words there will/may be obstacles in your path to hinder your personal "work in progress" expect it and plan accordingly. Do not leave God, Jehovah out of the equation He is a tremendous help when you feel yourself weakening or falling back to your old ways.
This link will be helpful to you holloway64. The information therein has encouraged many: