Out Of My Life Already!

I've always thought the toxic people were always the ones with the negative attitude.  Not always true.  Someone I've known for a few years has revealed himself to be toxic.  On the surface he's funny, charming and fun to be around.  Once you get to know him and get comfortable with him, he'll tell you this person is a two face, or someone has it out for him ... I've heard the other side of some of these stories and the other side is the reality.  In one case the person who 'had it out for him' outsmarted toxic guy at his own game to cut this one out of the picture on a project at work.  This guy has it out for some people and he likes to make remarks about them to give you the perception they're trouble makers.  I've decided not to call him out on this but to act indifferent toward him.  Maybe he'll get the hint and leave me alone.

Morgause Morgause
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1 Response Feb 24, 2010

That is so true ... the same person told variations of the same story twice about how someone else was responsible for the bad thing that happened to this third person ... I'm certain that toxic 'friend' was responsible because the third person was having a lot of problems with him!