Never Again

I will not lie and say that I have never begged in the past because I have. I think that most people have. From these instances I have learned that begging is one of the most demeaning things someone can motivate you into doing. I don't believe that anyone can make you do anything you don't want to do, but they can sure inspire you into doing it, even if you realize it's not the best course of action. I say demeaning because begging usually comes up in instances where one person is attempting to manipulate another. There's a difference between asking someone for something earnestly and begging them for it.

The main reason I have made the personal choice to not beg is because I'm been traumatized by past instances. I cannot count how many times I have begged my mother to not kill herself throughout my life. This isn't the only example I can think of, but it is the most prevalent. If someone is unwilling to do something I have asked of them then I accept that. At this point in my life I realized that I cannot force my will on others, even if my will is for their benefit and to secure their well-being.
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Hi philosophicmyth<br />
Interesting idea. I wonder if it is so that most people have begged. There is a line as you say. I know I would feel incapable of begging even for the person's own good. It would demean them. The choice to live or not is ultimately for a person to make themselves. Nobody can or should make it - unless they were temporarily insane I guess.<br />

too bad, because sometimes begging can really be quite fun. In the proper context.