Respect People More Than That.

Maybe its just me, but when I get an inbox message that says I want to fu** you hard with my **** let's skype. It really bothers me. Where is the respect these ppl should have for me and there self? I find it crazy that someone could approach someone they don't no and have never met with that type of question. I really hope by putting this out there my inbox will reduce all the crazy *** messages I get. Don't get me wrong I like to conversate and get to no ppl but please keep your crazy thoughts about fuc*in* your mom and sh*tting yourself away from me. NOT INTRESTED. Not judging what you like but its not me. If you want to talk about random things like vacationing and palm trees the finer things in life do so. THANKS
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Couldn't agree with you more, Stamp. I don't like talking about sex or anything sexual per se, although some of my interests are kind of strange. It's more the tone of the person inboxing me that is the problem oftentimes, as he (almost always a "he" for some reason) talks to me like I am a piece of meat that he wants to use for sexual gratification. If the person wants to discuss our mutual fetish interests, I have no problem with that so long as it is in a polite, information-sharing manner. I get sick of people wanting me to role play with them, too. I just wish there was a way to filter out these irritating people and leave the decent, polite ones!
Anyway, thanks for posting this!

Hi there Stamp

Just remember there are more horses arses out there then there are horses

You are very polite in voicing your wishes. Have seen similar stories but with a lot harsher language. LOL