My father always used to say "Crying is for babies and babies are always punished".

Hmmmm, I wonder where I just might have learnt that crying was wrong, a weakness,  particularly infront of others?

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You would never have to control yourself in front of me. I have been know to cry in front of others, especially those I wish they hadn't see me cry. But, sometimes, emotions overwhelm me and I can't help it, regardless of how hard I try to control myself.

Yes, you are right...we shouldn't be punished for crying. I do agree. <br />
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But you know control can be a good or bad thing and well, I have gained a strong amount of control over the years for not crying infront of others.....even if it is simply to remove myself from the room.

people shouldn't be punished for crying in front of others. i can understand how some people would find it embarassing to cry in front of others but there's nothing wrong with crying in front of other people. half of the time we can't help it when we want to cry, it comes out naturally.

I have no issues with others crying, I do understand that it is natural and a positive reaction that helps an individual to heal.....there is no shame in it. And perhaps a day will come when I do.....cry infront of others.

I don't like to cry in front of others but I have. When one sees a close friend die and there's not a thing that you can do to save that person, you'll cry. I have and did. There is no shame in crying.

Soma1971, I do understand what you are saying and a part of me knows that...but I cannot forget his words and as a result, I cant cry......I will leave a room and cry in private but not infront of someone, ever!<br />
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Donotbelivethis, I am unsure what to say......... I can imagine why you are crying for him, he did not have the best childhood growing up with no father and being the middle child. He has had many issues throughout his life, violence, anger, alcoholicism and other things. But, I still cannot cry and certainly not for him.

I personally believe that your father was wrong. We are emotional beings and we have to show that, wether that be through laughing at a joke, moaning during a good back massage, or crying when we are hurt. If we don't express emotion than I don't think it is healthy. A boiler without a relief will blow it's self up..