Crying Is Not My Thing

I do cry but not in front of others.  I feel it is a sign of weakness and shows  my vulnerability.  I have no problem with others crying in public, everyone has their own way of expressing emotion.

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4 Responses Apr 7, 2010

So true, I wish I didnt do this and am trying not to but its easier said than done.

I built walls for years and was invunerable. I had to learn to let them down. Walls protect you from hurt and also from all the good things that you are seperated from. With walls, you loose much more than you gain.

I wish I knew. I also build major walls so as not to get hurt. None of this is good I do know that.

Yikes! I thought "I" wrote this story! lol. We're kinda conflicting! I too will tell others, "Go ahead and cry! Is good to let it out!", but I myself feel weak when doing it. Hmmm, WHAT does this mean??? :O