Yes But

Sometimes you don't know what to do to help either. And sometimes they need some understanding space....but sometimes you guess wrong and give them space when they needed something else. I guess I'm just saying that, I think it's easy to get this one wrong and be guilty of it on accident, no matter how badly you'd hurt to think you'd done it on purpose.

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Well said Joanie! I usually have the same train of thoughts. lol

I totally know how u feel! Sometimes if one of my friends is upset sometimes I think.. OK do they just want me to listen? Do they just want me to console them and tell them everything will be OK? Do they want advice? Do they want me to tell them a similar story that happened to myself? I think maybe it just comes down to your intentions, and instincts. If you feel your friend wants space give them a little space.. maybe they will end up reaching out to you. Maybe after a few days your instincts will change and you might think maybe they want someone to talk to.