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I very much used to feel immense guilt as a child if I did not admit everything to my mother, there was that form of emotional control she was able to retain in which I even felt guilty going on school trips, feeling that she would not have that day out too and would be stuck at home.

My brothers as I got older, would keep taking me to the side and telling me, in order to have fun and be my own person I had to remember my parents were a lot older than normal parents and that i had to do things and not tell them, as otherwise i would never be myself, i ignored them for a few years.

My parents and I have different moral standards.  I live and let live, they have a very fundamental christian attitude, sex before marriage is a sin, hence I am on my way to hell, yet at the same time, it did not stop my mother asking very uncomfortably two years ago how my sex life was, and to which she did not get a response.

As well as that, my parents tend to worry too much about things and it is best often that in terms of what is normal health and recovery signs for me, would be very confusing and worrying to them.

My parents do not know about my rape, or certain things that would ensure that my father would now be in prison for manslaughter, they worried it would happen when i was out at a nightclub drinking, ironically it happened in my friend's home, no matter how much they worry they would have not predicted that.


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1 Response Jan 18, 2009

I understand how you are with your parents. I think there are alot of people that are like that. I know I am.