I won't talk to my mom about some topics because I know from past experience that what is said between her and I does not remain there. She has friend, her best friend, who she has known for over 30 years, and she tells her EVERYTHING.

I have known this woman pretty much my whole life, but that doesn't mean I want her to know everything about my life. What I tell my mom I would like to remain between us unless otherwise specified, but since I know this will never happen there are things about me that my mom doesn't know, and it will remain that way.

I tell my best friend about everything that is said between my mom and I, but really it's different for a daughter to talk about a mom and daughters conversations and a mom to talk about the conversations. I don't tell my friend personal stuff about my mom, but then I don't know personal stuff about my mom. What is said to my friend is stuff about me, from me, what is said to my mom's friend is stuff about me that my mom thinks or things I've said and a lot of it is speculation on my mom's part that I get to hear about later from her friend.

I don't talk to my mom about personal things, and I don't talk to my dad at all so, that takes care of that.

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Mouth of the town, know that type very well and yet another reason that I don't tell my mom, and dad backs me up on this, if you want a personal item to stay personal don't tell mom cause she will enlist the advice of the 1000 people that she knows and then you don't have a personal problem anymore.

My mom doesn't give advice, she just tells whatever I tell her to her friend, and I don't like that her friend knows so much of my business. If I wanted her to know I would tell her.

Parents have a hard time letting go of the "parent" when their kids grow up into adults themselves and the friendship doesn't always take off.<br />
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I talk to my dad about a few things but I haven't talked to my mom about anything personal for 14 years. I'm 41 and she still doesn't get it that what she says for her advise doesn't always apply to my situation.

I dunno, I'm 25 and things I don't even tell my mom things that she just assumes about me get back to me through her friend, it's been this way as long as I can remember. At this point I've just given up and keep things to myself. Besides, my mom's super sensitive, and she would probably take offence to me telling her her friend doesn't need to know all my business.

That is so sad. I am a single mother of four. Me and my oldest daughter talk about everything. She tells me everything and asks for advice on everything. She understands that there is a very thin line based on our relationship. The days she tries to be a friend I always have to remind her that I am the mother. I know that we are suppose to be parents and not friends. But in todays society, I think it is important for kids to be able to tell their parents absolutely anything. I think if you discuss the situation wtih your mom, about your feelings on her best friend, she would understand. Can you have this talk with her and keep me posted. I am interested in knowing how it goes. Thanks