So If You Are One Hiding Behind A Nice Profile Dont Be Suprised If I Catch You Out

It doesnt take long before I smell a rat, and I will unfriend you and block you if I feel you are not one of the nice guys, that is all, im not vindictive and I wont hunt you down or reach in to your life at all afterward.

so for all you nice people who read this, know im not aiming this at you, I am just up to the back teeth of guys and girls thinking they are "nice" people, and they are just deluding themselves.

Thank you.
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4 Responses Jul 20, 2012

I'm actually a decent fellow. Would love to be befriended and show myself worthy. ;-)

cool, ok

i believe in patience & keeping my self silent, that is to learn patience.

It sure is

do u have some tell tell signs or its just a strong intuitive feeling?

its when they get all possesive and tell me what to do in regards to adding people and being mean, Im not bad to them in responce but I block them immediatly.

your sixth sense must be really good !